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Ocean Diversity Supply Vessel

€ 440.941 ($ 495.000) - VAT Exempt

Dive Charter Boat Tourism Vessel

€ 160.000 - VAT Not paid

Miscellaneous Live Aboard

€ 415.000 - VAT Paid

Motor Sailor Kotter

€ 168.000 - VAT Paid

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Benetti CLASSIC 30M

€ 430.000 - VAT Paid

About Rotterdam Yacht Center

Steelyacht, classical sailing yachts and many more for sale via the yacht trader of Europe

Rotterdam Yacht Centre is an international yacht trader that has a steelyacht, many classical sailing yachts, and even houseboats for sale. And that’s not all. We have over a 100 motor yachts available. We sell many different yachts of high quality. The yachts themselves are generally over 13 meters long. We have a steelyacht or classical sailing yachts for sale from brands like Valk, Pacific, Vripack, Altena, Doggersbank, and many more. We offer these vessels all over the world. Most of them are transported abroad (not only in Europe), but also within the Netherlands. Rotterdam Yacht Centre is based in this country, in the main port of Europe, near Rotterdam.

Houseboats or sailing yachts and many more for sale

We have many kinds of vessels for sale. For example, we have houseboats, a steelyacht, classical sailing yachts and many more for sale. This variety of vessels gives us the opportunity to provide every company or private yachts enthusiasts with a vessel that meets their requirements and/or wishes. If you cannot find the desired vessel, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to find it or give you professional advice!

Selling your vessel

Besides having many vessels as a steelyacht, classical sailing yachts and houseboats for sale, we also purchase your vessel. We provide a quick settlement. In short, if you want to buy or sell a vessel, then make use of our services and benefit from the many advantages we have to offer!

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January 26, 2017 |

Price change for the Van der Heijden 1700

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